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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? [Chinese shoes Network - the consumer market] store a few hundred dollars Adidas sportswear online as long as one or two hundred dollars can buy these clothes are likely to be false, may also be Zhuhai Doumen by a dens. Doumen Zhuhai Public Security Bureau has successfully cracked the OEM together to create fake Nike, Adidas clothing false cases, and follow it to find on-line, and seized more than 16,000 pieces of fake brand-name clothing, involving more than 50 million. the end of September this year, the Zhuhai Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade joint Doumen district police station of the area there may be selling fake goods garment factories, small workshops conducted a carpet-style investigation. During the police to grasp a delinquency clue: in Doumen District of Zhuhai City Baijiao town, a village in a garment factory in the production of counterfeit may Nike, Adidas trademark clothing. After nearly a month deep reconnaissance, the Economic Investigation Team made clear that the modus operandi of selling fake goods gang: Song of the small workshop owner hired a number of older workers sent home for the finished product - counterfeit Nike, Adidas trademark clothing, carry out trimming, ironing, listing in order to earn fees. October 13 12 am, the Public Security Bureau police Doumen Baijiao town of Industry and Commerce to carry out joint law enforcement, the scene seized a large quantity of counterfeit Nike and Adidas registered trademark of apparel products and some unfinished, involving amounts over thirty thousand yuan. Under questioning, the legal representative of the clothing factory which counterfeiting Song confessed to the crime. Investigators found the home batch of clothing is a factory in Guangzhou Panyu. Investigators immediately went to the p jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black remises in the field of investigation, and the strong cooperation of the local police in the Economic Investigation Department, the successful control of a large manufacturing and selling counterfeit Nike and Adidas trademark clothing dens. After investigation, the company is in Guangzhou, a large garment enterprises, but do secretly selling fake goods activities. To avoid combat, companies will fake Nike, Adidas cutting cloth clothing styles well, and then sent to another place on the printed cloth Nike, Adidas logo, after then shipped to a different small workshops were completed garment sewing clothing, hang tag, trimming, ironing and packaging sectors. According to Doumen police, the action, the police seized counterfeit Nike and Adidas over 16,000 pieces of finished garments, involving the value of more than 50 million, and arrested eight suspects. Subsequently, the police rushed to the Yangjiang and other places, and seized the other two make counterfeit Nike in cooperation with local police, Adidas factory, seized fake Nike, Adidas trademark batch of clothes. Currently, the public security authorities are hunting-related suspects. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)The Air Jordan 1 is the founder of the famous website design, the legendary Leroy Smith was also selected Jordan to enter the high school team. The red / Purple / gold / Black Multi Color striking collocation makes the whole pair of shoes very conspicuous and adds a street flavor. On the tongue, labeled Leroy Smith words. Source: adidas Originals in the spring and summer of 2010 with jealousy once again launched a new shoe style design Forum Mid RS, with orange shoes for the combination of deep blue gray col foamposites for cheap location axis and bring out the traditional design of the shoe body in white bottom, creating a strong and lively personality of the atmosphere, the shoes will be in July Crooked Tongues and other distribution shop shelves for sale, interested friends may wish to look up the details of the shoes.Nike, Inc. today announced the latest innovations in technology professional football : Nike "poison Feng " (The Nike Hypervenom). This is a based on Neymar , Wayne Rooney, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and other strikers feedback and suggestions of the brand new football boots. These players made ??it clear they want a quick creation of attack in the restricted area of ??space and complete the shot from any angle offensive weapon.Players talked about the rising rival flexibility , they think now with many of the world's top Guards as fast striker agility , superior technology . The feedback is the most direct Neymar : "I need to help me a more frequent and rapid creation of space for shoes and I need it to improve my flexibility , so I had to look at the opponent into a shot can be done before ."Nike soccer shoes category vice president Phil McCartney (Phil McCartney) , "said Neymar opinion is essential. Previously, he has been wearing assassin nine generations (Mercurial Vapor IX), this shoe can help the players insight and discovery a strike enemy space , is a pure speed-type product and the ' poison Feng ' emphasize the importance of creating space ball into the goal . this is particularly important nuances , ' drug front ' emphasis on improving the flexibility and players Shooting . "Category by Nike football design director Dennis Coffin Abramovich (Denis Dekovic) design team led by observing today 's offensive game design and development process to proceed . Coffin Popovich said: "The game is changing. Previously, speed is the key cheap air jordans online offensive game , but now each player 's speed very quickly . ' Drug front ' is the birth of a response to this change . Striker hopes changes faster , which only refers to run faster, but also means that in a small space with the ball faster. they want to use their inherent flexibility in the defensive penalty area found offensive tight space does not exist then create the opportunity to confront those faster, more flexible defender , ' drug front ' shoes is designed for this purpose . ""These strikers in the game to show the extraordinary talent and creative performance so deeply impressed the fans , whether it is the fans , teammates or opponents are well aware of these players can create the greatest threat we face the challenge of how meet their needs and provide advantages to play their best products . "This new product design team that must be manufactured shoes revolution in the way innovation . McCartney said: "Generally speaking, a new shoe will focus on improving comfort, shoe materials, shoe soles and studs configuration. ' Drug front ' shoes in the above aspects with a new solution when we players communicate, we understand that the only solution is to create a new product . "Coffin Popovich added: " ' drug front ' of the upper with the new NIKESKIN system . NIKESKIN in soft mesh material with polyurethane film , then add the Nike ACC Technology (All Conditions Control technology, ACC). ACC technology to ensure that both the wet or dry conditions , with the same soccer shoes of control . "" Mesh material to make shoes with extraordinary comfort and feel. Players want us to build a feeling as close as possible to play barefoot shoes , let us use mesh step closer . Nike ACC technology can keep dry the mesh , but it does not reduce the flexibility and comfort shoes , track shoes and thus will not affect the Cheap air jordans for sale performance and designed . ""Poison front" also features a brand new shoe , shoe section focuses on the removal of the embedded material, so that the foot closer to the venue and soccer. It is by far the most human body structure Nike shoe last .The last element of the design is perhaps the most easily underestimated football innovations . Nike and several of the world's top podiatrist cooperation has created a separate forefoot outsole - it helps to get rid of guard , especially when the players took a critical first step . The effect can be found in the forefoot cavity , it can help the first one metatarsal fast start , it is this part of the response determines the start time of the feet .The bottom of the outsole compress nylon , making the soles lighter, faster response and help transfer power and very light. The structure and length of the spikes through careful design, grip soles can quickly and more quickly activated. All design innovations are designed to allow players to create space faster than ever before .McCartney said: "' Poison front ' shoes is a creative new generation of players to the most perfect interpretation . ' Poison Feng ' agile , fast , it completes the finishing touches on this planet can emulate a handful of top striker . "New Nike ' poison Feng ' shoes will be June 2 game against England in Brazil Neymar and Wayne Rooney wearing by the debut . Other upcoming wearing the new shoes · players including Zlatan Ibrahimovic , Robert Lewandowski and Danny - Danny Welbeck .Puma Shadow Society 2012 autumn and winter series released 2013-12-08 22:41:08 came 2012 fall winter season, Puma's advanced branch Shadow Society launched again, released a variety of new products. Shadow Society is selected by the Puma team of the most capable players, aimed at developing more fashionable high-end prod Cheap jordans online ucts. The new series of Shadow Society design team to ZDC82 and R698 two shoes as the design prototype, to create these two represent street fashion and trend retro shoes shoes. In addition, each shoe is also equipped with durable polyester material backpack, as well as waterproof outdoor style coat, to improve the integrity of the branch line. It is reported that this series will be sold in the designated franchised stores in November 24th.Yesterday to introduce Nike to Wimbledon to create the inspiration for the design of the Nike Air Zoom Elite 8, has attracted a lot of friends of all ages, and the brand is also equipped with two new color, a combination of white and beige rendering, another pair of the classic black and white color, good color. Practical technology, perfect the guarantee of its popularity will greatly increase. It is reported that black and white color matching has been the first landing in London 1948 NikeLab shop, and the other pair will be landing in the late global NikeLab shop.[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] the evening of 10 December 2010, an order "DestroyTo Create" as the theme of the art exhibition sponsored by Nike gala held at the Shanghai South Bank Arts Center. Extension of the theme of the event comes from the name NikeDestroyer Jacket, Yiyu constantly get rid of in order to better innovation. A live demonstration of many international and domestic well-known artists and creative team to DestroyerJacket inspired creations, works across a number of areas such as the arts, fashion and culture, each piece fully reflects the authors' damage only for innovation, "the profound understand. On the day, some artists and creative people also came to the scene of destruction and innovation to share their understanding and interpretation of the guests. And then let the atmosphere a jordans on sale online ppeared just won the Asian Games champion Liu Xiang climax. Previously, Liu Xiang, once wearing this highly innovative concept DestroyerJacket, complete Nike Sportswear "more than a night" theme of the film commercials. Wearing Nike for his tailored DestroyerJacket trapeze in the active site of China talked about his love of DestroyerJacket, and in the eyes of the night, "Destroy To Create" is to continue to break their own limits , to create a new score. In addition, the famous French creative team Kitsun & eacute; key members Gildas also airborne scene, with music interpretation "Destroyto Create" theme. destruction, only to innovation; innovation is the saboteurs who undermine the enthusiasm from innovation. Creative destruction and innovation reflect on the depth of interpretation of the scene after the shapes of art is the artist. Destroyer means the first person to Zhang Dali Chinese graffiti creative use of his own profile, to show his reflection on the arts and on the break, craving re-creation; has always been creative and bold design is known Parisian fashion brand AndreaCrews, to "Destroyer" and "Creator" as the theme for a series of reconstruction DestroyerJacket; Hong Kong entertainer Edison DestroyerJacket split and creation of "To Destroy To Create" means fully demonstrated his love of this classic jacket and to rebirth longing; and 6x8-meter "Destroyer" Neon means WilsonBrothers by the British creative team also arrived in Shanghai to create, in the scene of the show. In addition, many domestic cutting-edge designers are also invited to participate in the creation of this theme. Fashion designer Kim Chong Yu and his partner Sun Jun Liang, and fashion designer Qiu Hao, UmaWang, Masha Ma and Vega Wang, the use of soluble paper material designed a series of clothing, the models who wear clothing dissolved in an instant, very breakthrough and impact; and budding fashion designer to join Shangguan Milk Magazine Zhe, Kim Kiroic, Zhang Na, Yu Ye Qian and detailed, with Destroyer Jacket re reorganization, each piece has its own distinctive style. Destroyer Jacket is undoubtedly the protagonist of the whole party, all in all creation only reflects the innovative spirit of this classic jacket behind the campus. 2010 winter, Destroyer Jacket struck again, Nike retain the original classic design at the same time, was modified and innovation, from the details to the material, from color to function, used to break the people's jacket products have the impression that the creation of a new benchmark. Development of this NikeSportswear classic jacket is "Destroy ToCreate" the best proof.Air Jordan 13 "Chicago" the first year of the color return, inspired by the general nature of the black cat like MJ. 1997-1998 season, MJ put on the tinker · Hatfield to create a complete design, occupation sixth career crown won the fight. Air Jordan 13 today, more in the streets, the trend will be retro interpretation. shoes information: Air Jordan 13 "Chicago" number: 414571-122 offer price; 1399 immediately went to to buy Air Jordan series for the first time since 1985 after the advent of fast in the basketball circle set off a revolution, and with the passage of time, a section of the color for a variety of topics such as birth, "Bred", "Royal", "Banned" and other classic color, but naturally there will be failure in particular, a huge family like Air Jordan series. The following we brought by the foreign media solecollector selected from the 1 generation to the 31 generation, each generation of the "ugly", or is the most popular color, do you agree? 1, Air Jordan 1 "Leroy Smith " 2. Air Jordan 2 "Iron Purple " 3. Air Jordan 3 "DTRT" 4. Air Jordan 4 "Laser" 5. Air Jordan 5 "Laser" 6. Air Jordan 6 "Olympic" 7. Air Jordan 7 "Filbert" 8. Air Jordan 8 "White/Anthracite" 9. Air Jordan 9 "Quai 54" 10. Air Jordan 10 "Paris" 11. Air Jordan 11 "Gamma" 12. Air Jordan 12 "Suede Flu Game" 13. Air Jordan 13 "Squadron Blue " 14. Air Jordan 14 "Cinder" 15. Air Jordan 15 "Laser" 16. Air Jordan 16 "Cherrywood" 17. Air Jordan 17 "CDP" 18. Air Jordan 18 "CDP" 19. Air Jordan 19 "Midwest" 20. Air Jordan 20 "East" 21. Air Jordan 21 "Black" 22. Air Jordan 22 "Omega" 23. Air Jordan All S〉 23 ", as you all know, Yeezy Boost 350 V2 will be on sale in April 29th, and this is the same color as the previous pair, both adult and child versions. In addition to some designated shops, most of my friends are using Adidas Confirmed app registration has been open to buy, after previously registered in Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Changchun, Guangzhou, Kunming, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuhan, the sale of new Dalian, still Chinese District of Hangzhou, Tianjin, Shenyang and Wuxi were 5 a city, if you are in the area, can immediately enter Adidas Confirmed app registration! -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- , every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! May be you ignore the sexy and publicity why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes Air, Jordan, V, Triple, Black, color, the upcoming sale of OFF-WHITE, x, Air, Jordan, I, combined shoes, continue to use "Chicago" color as inspiration review on an article: Air Jordan V "Triple Black" color is about to sell the next article: OFF-WHITE, x, Air, Jordan, I, combined shoes, continue to use "Chicago" color as inspiration some time ago, the German shoe shop Asphalt Gold new adidas Originals Tubular exposure Shadow shoes in the new trailer, which is followed by Tubular and Entrap, a new member of the Tubular family. A successor to the Tubular series of neat streamlined shoe body contour, while some of the shadow of YEEZY, as the heel or is taken from YEEZY BOOST 350, BOOST 750 and YEEZY lacing system is exactly the same, and tongue design overlapping is also one of the highlights, and the three line mark to hide them. The material, two pairs of black brown and gray are used to structure knitted shoes, leather and knitted by a patchwork of black version of Adidas Originals is another innovation in the production process, the last is equipped with the inspiration from Indoor Super Tubular outsole. It is reported that the new adidas Originals Tubular Shadow will be on sale in December 8th, priced at 99 and 119 euros respectively. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes , French style, Le, CoQ, sportif, x, LOOK, joint series, 2The The more Click to view pictures: