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white color in the spring and summer foot seems to be the sneaker unconscious cognition, air huarache as breathable design concept, combined with the white seems to be this day is an excellent choice; whereas the series had also had a air huarache white color rendering, even even lunar huarache light such new styles also with pure white appears, overwhelmed, it's the turn of same version of Jane huarache air huarache light; the item 306127-111. Now atmus sale. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: atmusas one of the representatives of the domestic sports brand well-known guirenniao, this year with the marathon boom has launched several professional running shoes, after the beginning of professional 10KM racing type smart shoes "code" G10 launch, guirenniao launched a new wave of technology to target users running shoes for entry-level runners. Today, let's try this entry-level runner to help run shoes. four dimensions comprehensive evaluation:General appearance: Although the 〈br brooks="" shoes="" and="" running="" shoes,="" not="" what="" relationship,="" but="" when="" i="" share="" this="" pair="" of="" for="" my="" friends,="" there="" are="" a="" lot="" people="" mistook="" as="" brooks,="" it="" seems="" some="" foreign="" brands="" or="" in="" the="" running,="" is="" deep="" position.="" now="" domestic="" bright="" color="" matching,="" unique="" design,="" do="" lose="" to="" brands.="" example,="" ascis="" gt2000-4="" only="" through="" few="" times="" on="" shelf,="" guirenniao,="" wear="" marathon="" lever. sole fluid wave structure, guirenniao original according to the introduction, the simulation is starting to boost the angle. heel close-up The difference between and G10 is that jordans on sale online this running shoe is for an entry-level runner with a distance of 3-5 kilometers. The standard tongue translucent, summer wear will not be sultry has good breathability equipped with breathable insole The front of the shoe has a vent hole designed to help fast sweat , according to the introduction, the soles are comparable to flying ??????black and purple womens running shoes New and updated 30 day cleaning challenge men u0027s free 4 0 v2 black sports shoes X 23 by Idelacio on deviantART Impressive 3D modeling lighting amp materials and purple womens running shoes New and updated&nb" /〉 black and purple womens running shoes New and updated 30 day cleaning challenge China's leather industry is confronted with hitherto unknown pressure and difficulties, but Chinese Leather Association chairman Zhang Shuhua yesterday (6 days) said in Shanghai, we have always believed that the first 10 years of the 21st century is a good opportunity for the development of China's leather industry, China's leather industry will not be overwhelmed by difficulties, but only promote the transformation and adjustment of China's leather industry, China's leather industry will develop better and more healthy. Zhang Shuhua spoke at an interview with reporters at the China Leather Expo at the New International Expo Centre in Shanghai. She said, since this year, China has canceled the export tax rebates, rawhide processing pigskin cattle were included in the processing trade ban, in addition to the export tax rebate rate cut, the continued appreciation of the RMB deposit and loan interest rates continue to rise, employment difficult, rising labor costs, increasingly stringent environmental standards, increased trade friction and a series of difficulties, China the leather industry is facing severe challenges, some enterprises in the industry over anxious, depressed mood. since this year, China's leather industry production and export continued to grow, but the growth rate fe Cheap foamposites for sale ll year on year, and some products production and exports began to decline. In the first half of this year, China's leather industry enterprises above Designated Size total industrial output value of 216 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 24%, an increase of 2 percentage points lower than the same period. Leather goods and footwear exports $20 billion 700 million, an increase of 14%, but the growth rate down 2 percentage points. The export of goods, leather apparel exports 400 million U.S. dollars, down 38%; fur clothing exports $72 million 230 thousand, down 63%; finished leather export 48 thousand tons, down 22%. At the same time, China's leather goods and footwear imports 4 billion 100 million dollars, an increase of 12%, an increase of 5 percentage points year-on-year rise; which imports 8 million 210 thousand pairs of shoes, the amount of imports of $160 million, an increase of 35% and 43% respectively, an increase of an acceleration of 18 percentage points and 26 percentage points. in the face of great pressure and difficulties, Zhang Shuhua felt that there is no need to panic, depression, hesitation and complaint can not solve the problem, the government will not change the policy. According to her analysis, and other labor-intensive industries, the leather industry should also follow the objective law of transfer from high cost areas to low cost regions, each country and the area in different periods of play to be transferred or undertake the transfer of the role, this is bound to experience any country industry high speed development period. Development of the market economy is the rule, irresistible and reverse. Difficulties will force China's leather industry to change the mode of high consumption and low output and accelerate competition in the high-level market. In fact, despite the difficulties, but in addition to a small number of enterprises closed down or change, at present, most of China's leather industry is still in normal operation. Zhang Shuhua believes that in Cheap air jordans for sale the future, China's leather industry will develop better and healthier, not high sounding, but because our political situation is stable, with a huge market of 1 billion 300 million people.)Time: 2007-11-15 15:43 source: Asia Footwear Association of Asia Footwear Association: according to the Italy times on the ansa reported on November 10th, the Italy footwear trade in the first 7 months of this year, growth of 17.7% over the same period in 2006. Although the amount of imports is greater than the amount of exports, but trade volume to maintain a larger surplus, reaching 2 billion 182 million 740 thousand euros. Exports to Russia grew by 30%, and exports to Croatia grew by 20%, maintaining steady and small growth in traditional export markets such as Germany, Britain, France and the United states. according to the Italy news agency ANSA reported on November 10th, the Italy footwear trade the first 7 months of this year grew 17.7% compared to the same period in 2006. Although the amount of imports is greater than the amount of exports, but trade volume to maintain a larger surplus, reaching 2 billion 182 million 740 thousand euros. Exports to Russia grew by 30%, and exports to Croatia grew by 20%, maintaining steady and small growth in traditional export markets such as Germany, Britain, France and the United states. (editor in chief: admin)& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; When Adidas and Li Ning are still reluctant to leave to start all-round marketing campaign in the high altitude and the ground, the Nike brand communications base quietly shifted to the underground - metro. It should be said, the MTR as a new media is not very popular in the country until November 2005, the country opened metro cities only Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing and other five cities. In a certain sense, in the subway is still a pioneering brand communication stage, that is, can really learn from the color or sensation not many cases. If there is no innovation in the subway advertising, which is equival cheap jordans for sale ent to put up billboards on the ground into the subway, like the old medicine bottles renewal. Although there is not much the city subway opened, but these cities are China's most economically developed cities, the consumer the strongest, with Nike and other famous sports brand coincides with the target population. This is why it is so popular reason Nike subway advertising. The most fundamental reason is that the Nike brand continuous innovation and business acumen. It is reported that by 2010, the country will have 15 underground urban construction and opening of rail transit, now Tianjin, Dalian, Shenyang, Hangzhou and other cities are sparing no effort to increase the intensity of subway construction. You can guess, Nike high debug the water current subway advertising may be open for the future in major cities subway build a successful brand communications samples. Focus Guangzhou Nike tunnel warfare From Guangzhou subway ads appear on, Nike special attention to advertising on the subway, try to do all kinds of combinations of running programs. In 2005, Nike's subway advertising strategies to reach the superb state, its brand image gave people a fresh sense of Shenyi, strength to touch every nerve of the target population, so missed opportunities rivals Adidas "brand dissemination of tunnel warfare "in the eclipsed. In Guangzhou Metro, for example, worthy of note is the current subway forms of media are divided into two categories: The first category is the traditional media. including train advertising, 12 large light box, 4 small boxes, special-type light box (among the subway elevators Office), wall paintings, ladder license, licensing legislation, escalators paste, glass paste, gates paste. The second category is the new media. includes 12 large light box + wall stickers combination, large light box + wall stickers combination ladder combination card + wall stickers, large light box window, special type of licensing, special type ladder brand, affixed, vending machines s cheap air jordans tickers, physical model, display cabinets, gantry sets, column sets, theme stickers, as well as scientific and technological content of the highest tunnel film advertising. Not only rich and varied forms, and a combination of flexible, comprehensive manner to stimulate the consumer's vision, a great all-pervasive momentum. Although the form of flexible metro media, due to its launch price is quite expensive, so we must pay attention to put a combination of media and creative to get the big effect of small investment purposes. Sports Center subway station is the core of the Nike brand communication base, the station belongs to the AA level the lot, put a large light box 12 would cost 24,000 yuan per month. Just put the cost so expensive sports center subway station, Nike launched its wave after wave of 2005, the brand from the ground offensive. Nike Sports Center Subway Station Select location analysis: 1, which is located in the Tianhe Sports Center subway station east of Guangzhou, a large number of peripheral concentrated such as CITIC Plaza, Mayor of Tower, Fortune Plaza, Guangzhou International Trade Building, Goldlion Grade A office buildings and so on, is the CBD business district in Guangzhou . 2, adjacent to the distribution center in South China's largest computer market, a large number of computer enthusiasts hang around here, and buy computers mostly pupils and students, consistent with its target population. 3, the largest SUPER-MALL Guangzhou Grandview Mall just across the street. 4, most notably Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center itself is a number of major sports events and music and art events are held. In case of large-scale events and concerts, fans will go hand in hand screen name from the Pearl River Delta cities. The first wave: Using combination, look Prior to Nike, a lot of brand advertising in the subway or choose twelve prominent position large boxes, or run into the rich and powerful clients breath to ten pieces separate large light box advertising buy them jordans for sale altogether. Nike has wisely chosen a large light box + wall stickers combination, not only to save almost half of the running costs, but also in the subway hall formed a continuous 60 m long with a spectacular and advertising, so that all people can not be avoided by Metro . It is worth punctuate that Nike is not the content with a screen on top, but the ingenuity to create a dynamic screen ??? as a combination of different content (images in the size of Ronaldo), walking with the crowd, feel the screen is also movement. As the Nike slogan spread just do it! The second wave: creative first, endless aftertaste accustomed to the big action Nike also chose 60 meters grew lightbox + wall stickers combination, but this time Nike unexpected uses a bold idea. Initially you only see the shadow of a pair of shoes very sense of speed, go forward 30 meters, screen or repeated shadow shoes, the picture is very light and there is no brand information. 60 meters until you come to a place you just found out that a pair of Nike shoes rapidly across the traces. so bold approach, perhaps only dare to international brands such as Nike, have this courage. Obviously, this ad or not to be seen, after seeing and will certainly long remember. Third Wave: the ground, barefoot newborn When Nike strong launch of a new product, resorted to the concept of "barefoot new". On the one hand is the pretext of pupils and students enrolled in September time to play the "new" edge ball; the other is the mind, because light, because your feet seamless, so just like a barefoot-like feel, so a new life . For the interpretation of the concept to the peak of Nike passage in the subway actually laying a long carpet of advertising, there is one step above, with "barefoot new" simply a perfect match. This immersive feeling, people once again impressed by the spirit of the Nike brand. The fourth wave: more than implicitly, to retreat After three waves of heat, Nike and more to seek new breakthroughs. On November Sports Center Sports Center subway station east gate leading to the exit of stone steps, the ladder at each level the gap is covered by the Nike poster. Although Nike does not advertise in the ladder between the first, but it will draw a whole posted ladder between two dozen class still few in number. Fascinating is that you have a little distance in order to see the contents of the entire screen advertising, so many young people are curious to stop watching, along ladder going up, almost out of the subway, you made find Nike LOGO. Quite beyond the pale in hunting, must come to no effort feeling suddenly see the light. exaggerated suspense-style graphics and lead rope for the Nike brand continuously inject fresh vitality! Nike is Nike, JUST DO IT!Recently, another will be listed in 2015 Jordan Future exposure in advance, this is Jordan Brand for women's shoes fans deliberately build sincerity to make, let us enjoy it in advance. The continuation of its new logo design of the black and yellow bottom in preparation of collocation, and the purple dotted with crystals at the end of last. item: 685251-018Price: 1.jpg (87.25 KB, download number: 12) download Jordan Future GS Liquid Lime 2014-12-21 12:22 upload 2.jpg (84.44 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Future GS Liquid Lime 2014-12-21 12:22 upload 3.jpg (74.33 KB, download number: 12) download Jordan Future GS Liquid Lime 2014-12-21 12:22 upload Adidas Originals officially released the new color for its well-known shoes made of ZX 100. The new vamp adopts nylon and suede mixed together, in a very low-key vamp with very rosy white iconic three stripes, is also used as a yellow outline, very eye-catching. It is reported that this pair of Adidas Originals ZX 100 will soon officially listed, price: 95 euros. 139504333132B0-34V4.jpg (116.24 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-17 17:06 upload 139504333036020-25559.jpg (132.16 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-17 17:06 upload 1395043335020-64628.jpg (159.74 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-17 17:06 upload 139504333342410-4K12.jpg (131.75 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-3-17 17:07 upload ZX100 00real racing shoes are not everywhere on the streets of cheap impression, Canada well-known shop day before Livestock announced to build a complete racing shoes. Of course, the invitation to the super running legend Ferrari, as well as the original commitment to such shoes Puma together staged the spring and summer in the shock of cross-border joint. After two years of settling and thinking, 5/22 will soon be able to turn these four different color matching medium drum racing shoes into reality. Ferrari color course as inspiration is beyond doubt, more will be the topic of construction died on the track 100 F1 at Canadian Gilles Villeneuve, he will also set some number " 27" to imprint on the shoe body, the Ferrari's last fall meteor driving 126 C2 is admirable, sole the track map identify with people, to create a more black suede is to make double texture full of white yellow cowhide leather is as succinct sense, I believe this joint will bring the world racing fans are crazy F1 has a sound wave is not small. 7 I- s) z%}2 d In fact, this year, especially at the end of the year, we have to recommend a lot of all-match shoes, some because of color, is because some of the shoes, but many of my friends complain, all-match shoes are good hardcore, or very dark in color, or is the shoe spread. This time, NIKE launched Air Max 1 Premium " Summit White" color matching, in order to reverse this impression in everyone's mind. Light gray collocation on the black hook compared with the previous recommended all-match shoes, absolutely is fresh for. Shoes already on the market, like friends do not hesitate anymore yo.with the Adidas Originals ZX series of escalating creation, ZX, Flux, ZX, 8000, Boost and other shoes again rich, recently Adidas Originals again for women to bring new summer ZX Zero Summer. From the name you can see, this is a special for the summer to create cool style, choose to create a shoe body made of neoprene material, and with the air holes to throughout the whole, it is used for the comfort of the bottom in the summer to bring a sense of assurance, are very suitable for the gym or start walking. It is reported that Adidas Originals ZX Zero Summer has been landing, the major Adidas stores began to sell, interested friends may wish to go shopping. we all know, Hollywood actor and producer Mark Wahlberg Air Jordan is a crazy fan of daily travel often to Air Jordan shoes dress appearance, and his personal collection is to let people have a Eminem X be struck dumb, Carhartt x Air Jordan 4 the price of rare items! Some time ago Mark Wahlberg appeared Jordan Brand headquarters, Sneakerhead triggered unlimited reverie. Recently, Mark Wahlberg partnered with Jordan Brand shoe finally appeared, this type of shoes shoes with Jordan Formula 23 as the blueprint to create new individuals, Logo Wahlberg also appeared in the tongue! The letter W as a theme. After the two sides should also bring more cooperation shoes, we have to pay more attention to!Nike Air Max 95 Dynamic Flywire iD real object appreciation 2013-12-08 22:53:32Sample picture recently exposed a group of network Nike Max 95 Air Dynamic Flywire iD, the dynamic fly line, gorgeous color collocation, the new Nike Air Max 95 combined to become more dynamic, love its friends can understand, design a pair of Nike Air Max 95. Air Jordan 15Lab12 new material exposure 2015-09-14 11:39:56 spy earlier exposed this pair of Air Jordan 15Lab 12, today again released new pictures, with Air Jordan 12 based on the vamp woven into the elements of the Air Jordan 15 iconic, details of the use of gold ornament. Luxury platinum color matching is undoubtedly one of its important selling points. However, the color and material may not be suitable for domestic wear. At present, there is no information on the sale of shoes exposed, interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention to it.