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after the launch of a female fluorescent green color Nike WMNS Air Max Thea, the new Nike Air Max Thea new black and red color, this shoe body with black suede, mesh and Fuse composite material mixed shoes collocation rosy red midsole and visual Air Max air cushion technology very classic, the overall effect, is now on sale in the famous shop Titolo, love friends can look at. The approximation with the foreign Christmas and new year China Lunar New Year Spring footsteps, is everyone from getting closer, so many brands have begun to release the new spring and summer 2013, A Bathing Ape, former street brand also released during the spring and summer of 2013 the latest products, including TEE and shark men dress short jacket classic plaid shirt, thick cotton, T University on PARKA and camouflage jackets climbing coach handsome new female part of the knitted jacket, collar, Baseball Jacket camouflage long TEE with male single product for the segmentation, in order to bring the female style sweet spring. Finally, let small eyes light, is the part, in addition to a wool hat, backpacks, belts and other basic equipment, and the launch of a green camouflage color Ganso sleeping bags, it is implied in our spring has come, with a fast APE sleeping bag go camping feel the smell of spring! This series of goods has been on-line inquiries. 2012-12-26 15:08 upload and download attachments (108.08 KB) 2012-12-26 upload and download attachments at 15:08 (211.68, KB) 2012-12-26 upload and download attachments at 15:08 (238.67, KB) , Adidas, EQT, Support, Primeknit, full white, remember the Primeknit version of EQT Guidance 93? Adidas turned his eyes to the Equipment series, another pair of shoes, bringing the Primeknit version for EQT Support. The pair of shoes are made for the hot summer season, and the white tone upper is paired with a full white sole and heel bezel. This summer must-have EQT Support "Triple White" shoe can now be purchased via afew and will land at Adidas designated stores in the near future. American street skateboard brand Vans's high-end line Vans Vault and British Harris Tweed latest fabric manufacturers to launch a joint 2012 winter series shoes, including Vans Buffalo Boot LX, Era LX and Old Skool LX Har Cheap jordans online ris Tweed, the body of the shoe used advanced fabrics and leather and leather laces mixed material, collocation, overall the effect of very advanced texture, which is available at the famous shop End Clothing. 2012-11-28 08:37 upload and download attachments (81.37 KB) 2012-11-28 08:37 upload download attachment (104.45, KB) : China's footwear industry lacks innovation, whether it is style, or with new practical functions of footwear varieties are imported from abroad, China's shoe-making enterprises are basically follow others. 2007 is an eventful year Chinese manufacturing ", all kinds of quality problems frequently traced, from aquaculture products to toothpaste, from the beach car to car tires, from toys to mobile phone, from food to drugs...... For a time, China's export products triggered a "crisis of confidence" in the international market". and the current Chinese footwear industry, the number of "made in China" epitome of meaning. China is the first big shoe country in the world, and shoemaking industry is our traditional advantage industry. In recent years, China's footwear industry has an average annual growth rate of 23%, significantly higher than the growth rate of China's GDP. According to conservative estimates, at present, China's 2 shoe-making enterprises, employing 1 million 600 thousand, with an annual output of more than 7 billion pairs, accounting for more than 60% of the global total output, exports accounted for more than 53% of the world. vice president of the Wenzhou chamber of Commerce, Shanghai Red Dragonfly Group Chairman Qian Jinbo said: Chinese footwear industry not only in technology, but also great in strength and impetus, product technology and processing quality, compared with the developed countries there is no big gap between world shoemaking, even some has reached a fairly high level, many of the world famous brand in China OEM has proved this point. However, the rapid rise of China's footwear industry, but also encountered unprecedented challenges, with 8 words is summed up: manufacturing big country, brand small country. Mainly in: output is large, but the product grade is low; heavy manufacturing, but R & D capability is low; production is strong; but marke jordans on sale mens ting is poor; heavy products, but brand building is weak. China's footwear industry is lack of innovation, whether it is style, or with new practical functions of footwear varieties are imported from abroad, China's shoe-making enterprises are basically follow others. Wenzhou is one of the famous manufacturing base Chinese light industrial products, including shoes, clothing, glasses, lighters and other products has won the award, ranked first. Therefore, as vice president of the Wenzhou chamber of Commerce, money Jin Bo on Wenzhou sustainable development, stressed the need to give full play to the economic advantages of Wenzhou mining and existing, and effectively guide the enterprise management and strategic planning, before going into the country and the world, to stabilize the heel. He said: "regardless of other industries or Chinese manufacturing, footwear, technology and brand, are the main factors deciding the victory in competition. Two, but not overnight will be able to keep up with the needs of enterprise development, and this is also the main weapon of international enterprise trade monopoly." when the number of shoe-making enterprises still focus on their comparative advantage, Red Dragonfly)At the beginning of this year, Nike Air launched a new Barkroot Max 1 series of color design. The upper part is made of waterproof nubuck leather and high quality leather, and black collocation, burgundy red, showing excellent quality sense; in addition, the shoes in the bottom and upper gray color complement each other, make full tide cool, presumably will make many sneakerhead shoes on it. As a Quickstrike level Nike Air shoes, Max 1 Mid Deluxe QS Barkroot is now available in Overkill including designated sales outlets purchased. nike-air-max-1-mid-deluxe-qs-barkroot-1.jpg (103.83 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Air Max 1 Mid Deluxe QS Barkroot new color 2015-1-13 13:35 upload Nike 00& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; on January 2 Beijing Guoan go to Hainan during training, the players get two sets of clothes and coats adidas training provided by the company. Since 2006, Adidas has become Guo'an equipment sponsor for a period of four years. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; According to club vice new jordans shoes for sale president in charge of business Fu Xiaodong, this year, the club sponsors Nike and the original contract is about to expire, as early as six months before the club and Adidas were contacted, until recently It was successfully signed a four year contract. "In fact, this partnership of cooperation with the Real Madrid no relationship with Adidas, which is part of the job club .11 normal business people and international companies Adidas European companies are also said to talk, if successful, then we will be the company's cooperation and Adidas Okay." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Fu Xiaodong recent trip to Shanghai will be required to implement the new season Adidas equipment as soon as possible. For Guo'an, the most need to adapt to the shoe problem, because the two companies still exist differences between shoes. Leilei said: "It is said that two kinds of shoes in the foot shape is not the same, for the Adidas really have to re-adapt to."Has a brother Lining by more and more people recognized, the Wade 4 has finally ushered in the first version of the joint. Has a high popularity in Miami local brand LYFE recently for the first time with Lining cooperation, both sides choose shoes signs Wade way 4 blueprint for the design, using the geometry of purple and black as a shoe decoration, supplemented by the luxury of the golden ornament shoe body details, and tongue and insole position are printed with the LYFE brand logo, a interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. lyfe-way-of-wade-4-2.jpg (90.6 KB, download number: 12) download LYFE X and Lining Wade of the 4 super limited edition 2016-4-7 08:24 upload lyfe-way-of-wade-4-3.jpg (54.68 KB, download number: 3) download LYFE X and Lining Wade of the 4 super limited edition 2016-4-7 08:24 upload lyfe-way-of-wade-4-4.jpg (49.8 KB, download number: 1) download LYFE X and Lining Wade of the 4 super limited edition 2016-4-7 08:24 upload lyfe-way-of-wade-4-1.jpg (46.91 KB, download number: 2) download LYFE X and Lining Wade of the 4 super limited edition 2016-4-7 08:24 upload lyfe-way-of-wade-4.jpg (49.15 KB, download number: 2) download LYFE X and Lining Wade of the 4 super limited edition 2016-4-7 08:24 upload lyfe-way-of-wade-4-8.jpg (85.5 Retro jordans for sale 7 KB, download number: 10) download LYFE X and Lining Wade of the 4 super limited edition 2016-4-7 08:24 upload lyfe-way-of-wade-4-7.jpg (66 the Beijing Olympics; Lining has no doubt to explain what is "anything is possible."." When Nike sponsored 21 Chinese 28 teams in the Olympic Games, when Adidas became the main sponsor, Lining began his unique "Olympic marketing". With the progress of the Olympic Games, the top two have encountered unexpected setbacks, while the small investment Li Ning Co has played a beautiful campaign. With the latter match, perhaps only the success of Puma and Boulter. 1; Lining moment: opening ceremony of the "fire" as the Li Ning Co's CEO, Zhang Zhiyong still clearly remember that day, when Lining lost a qualified sponsor of the Olympic Games, his employees cry on each other's shoulder. Since the four Olympic Games in 1992, Chinese athletes have been wearing the "Lining" on the podium. In 2008, at the gate of the Olympic Games, witnessed countless brilliant moment, but Germany's world sporting goods giant Adidas (ADIDAS). but the reality is that Zhang Zhiyong's loss and depression did not last long. When Lining at the opening ceremony "flying" lit the sacred Olympic torch, Li Ning Co ushered in their real spring. The opening of the first trading day after the company's shares quickly soared, while Beijing's Lining high streets and back lanes store is crowded. Li Ning Co performance across the board, and even can be said without losing to Adidas. But it is said that Adidas will throw $80 million for the sponsorship of the Beijing olympics. And their new store in Beijing, Sanlitun, the Adidas Sports City, cost $80 million! The ratio of input to output, Li Ning Co apparently accounted for the big "cheap."". in addition to benefit from the opening ceremony of the "fire" continuation effect, Li Ning Co also in the two aspects of team sponsorship and media marketing have played a good battle. Lining's China's four biggest "dream team" has consistently won gold medals at the olympics. Cooperation with CCTV and Li Ning Co is used. Under the agreement, the Lining logo crystal was placed on the Olympic Channel hosts and reporters. Although the marketing strategy was halted before the Olympics, the desired effect has basically been achieved. Subsequently, a survey showed that in the sportswear industry, as many as 37.4% of respondents believe that Lining is the sponsor of the Beijing Olympic Games, while the real sponsor of the Olympic Games, Adidas's cognitive rate is only 22.8%. Lining's marketing strategy was immediately included in Harvard's business school as a classic case. And Lining when the main torch, but also virtually publicity Lining brand, which is clearly the official Olympic Partner Adidas did not expect. 2, Puma moment: Bo)Nike Sportswear recently for its hot shoe Air Huarache releases a revolutionary improved version of Utility. Continued from the hands of Tinker Hatfield classic shape design, air huarache utility in the upper into the innovation dynamic Flywire technology to enhance the stability of the shoe body, collocation of sideways on type D eyelets and nylon straps, serrated signs of TPU heel protection and durable rubber outsole, this retro running shoes add more outdoor air. The shoes have been through atmos, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. source: atmos 2012-4-30 uploads and downloads attachments at 17:31 (250.43 KB) in 2012, Air Jordan 4 also spent its 23rd anniversary, and this year will launch a number of retro versions. In addition to maintaining a few original appearances, a new version will be added to this year's lineup, including the knight's Retro color next month. Recently eBay has the same one had never seen red shoes are mainly sample auction, this is the shoes equipped with synthetic material FOAMPOSITE, the " is similar to its launch in early 2010; Foamposite" Six Rings vamp feeling, shoes, shoelaces, tongue label, ribbed plate lining and the sole collocation the simple white decoration. The overall color is dazzling and concise, this section is now on the eBay brokeonjordans auction, like friends can pay attention to. before the exposure of three different colors of Nike Blazer Mid Woven, this time we come to appreciate a similar classic shoes, Blazer and Woven combination of new versions. This shoe body with deep royal blue leather as raw material, weave in the form of colorful woven nylon lace, with retro deep royal blue suede material Swoosh and white vulcanized soles, fashion retro look sure to let many people echocardiography. This section is now on sale in the United States, and like friends can pay attention to it. 2013-1-5 10:24 upload and download attachments (106.41 KB) 2013-1-5 upload and download attachments at 10:24 (112.47, KB) 2013-1-5 upload and download attachments at 10:24 (122.75, KB) LeBron series of iconic color Dunkman officially released a new member of the Nike LeBron 11 Low Dunkman today, the body of the shoe shoe body collocation selection green fluorescent green full palm video Air Max shock cushion, the shoe body also uses silver green ink design embellished, tongue printed on the Dunkman sign of the little emperor flying dunk Logo. item: 642849-200 16.jpg (116.69 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-5-30 16:38 upload 15.jpg (121.59 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-30 16:38 upload 14.jpg (129.49 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-30 16:37 upload 13.jpg (147.59 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-30 16:37 upload 12.jpg (156.66 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-5-30 16:37 upload 11.jpg (141.24 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-30 16:37 upload 10.jpg (139.53 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-30 16:37 upload 9.jpg (156.47 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-30 16:36 upload 8.jpg (134.88 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-30 16:36 upload 7.jpg (114.46 KB, download number: 0) 0 : : "the EU will adjust the anti-dumping duties on Chinese leather shoes next year. Once the anti-dumping duties are cancelled, our leather shoes will be five times more likely to export to the EU market."." Wang Zhentao, chairman of AOKANG group, said yesterday. Wang Zhentao said that the European Commission to court the lawsuit, after nearly a year of time has new progress, the European Court of first instance has recently completed the Chinese shoe appeal filed anti-dumping proceedings in the first round of the respondent. Although progress is relatively slow, but the Bureau of Chinese facing favorable, the lawsuit will not bust. the EU anti-dumping investigation in 2005 to China leather shoes initiated involving more than $700 million, and in October 7th last year, the final Chinese shoes dumping margin of 16.5%, to impose a two-year anti-dumping duties. AOKANG, temane, golden shoe, new and Hong Kong Wanbang shoes and other 5 enterprises in December of last year in succession to the EU court. according to the EU anti-dumping judicial proceedings, after the first round of defense proceedings ended, then started the second round of defense proceedings, the time will last for one year. In the course of the second round of reply, the Chinese side will mainly defend the points raised by the respondent in the first round of defense, such as the technical problems of dumping calculation and how to apply the sampling investigation procedure. but insiders are not optimistic about the lawsuit, one reason to sue the Commission is very difficult, and the lawsuit lasted longer, estimate the final judgment of the European Court of justice until the end of 2008, the EU imposed on Chinese shoes anti-dumping duties until October had expired. Wang Zhentao did not agree, he said: "the Commission in the two years after the expiration of tax may be extended for five years on, and China shoe will commission to court this matter, is a kind of pressure on the European Commission, plus the European Union footwear importers and retailers strongly opposed to tax our case is expected to regain. We recently got news from the cooperative Italy shoe store that the European Union may no longer levy anti-dumping duties on Chinese leather shoes next year. In addition, after this lawsuit, more conducive to the EU footwear industry to increase awareness of Chinese shoes, AOKANG has obviously felt increased visibility in the European Union, spend about 2000000 yuan to fight this lawsuit is still very worthwhile." the European Union imposed anti-dumping duties for a year; China's leather shoes export suffered a big impact. Fair prices reflect a lot of shoes, leather shoes to the EU than before tax orders decreased by about 20%, anti-dumping tax China leather shoes in the EU market retail prices generally increased by more than 10%, some buyers because consumers do not accept the price increase and some orders will be transferred to the southeast. according to)